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Prepare Your Home to Sell

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The condition of your home will have a definite impact on the final selling price you receive and how quickly your home sells. Some minimal fix-ups and a little elbow grease can pay you big dividends in the end. Below are some simple tips to make sure your home outshines the rest.

Prepare Indoors

  1. Declutter the house—closets, cabinets, cupboards, etc.

  2. Thoroughly clean the entire house—wash walls, window sills, light fixtures, and window coverings. Shampoo carpets. Dust shelves.

  3. Make the rooms look as spacious as possible. Buyers need to envision their belongings in the space. Any furniture that is unnecessary and makes a room look crowded should be stored away.

  4. You don’t have to remove all personal pictures and memorabilia, but scale down the number of portraits and posters. Be sure to patch all holes in wall.

  5. Buyers want to see a home that is well lit. Keep your curtains, blinds and draperies open in the daytime and keep lights turned on for showings in the evening.

  6. Make sure the kitchen shines. Get small appliances and clutter cleared from countertops. Keep the sink clean with no dirty dishes.

  7. Clean kitchen appliances—refrigerator, oven and microwave and remove clutter from the outside of the refrigerator.

  8. Place scented candles throughout the home.

  9. Keep bathrooms clean and clutter free.

  10. Repair any leaky faucets or slow drains

  11. Beds should be made and clothes picked up and put away.

  12. Closets should be organized and tidy.

  13. Touch up paint wherever necessary.

  14. Decorate the home with modern décor. A splash of color from pillows, rugs, flowers or throws can make your home even more attractive.

  15. If there are “dark corners” in your home, replace light bulbs with higher wattage bulbs. Mirrors can also be used to make a room appear larger or brighter.

  16. Replace any worn door handles or locks, and ensure that doors work properly.

Prepare Outdoors

  1. Sweep the front steps and sidewalk.

  2. Remove any debris from around the home.

  3. Trim shrubbery and bushes.

  4. Potted plants and flowers by the home’s entrance will add color.

  5. In the winter, safety is key so be sure ice and snow are removed from all walkways and the driveway.

  6. If you have a patio or deck, the outdoor furniture should be clean and inviting.

  7. Ensure the roof and gutters are clean and in good condition.

  8. Keep your lawn mowed and edged and the grass watered so it’s green.

  9. Replace any broken windows, screens, or shutters.

  10. Clean the garage, removing unnecessary clutter. You want it to appear as spacious as possible.

  11. Park extra cars away from the home.

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